Intern Wes’ Interview with Daniel from Leopold and His Fiction

By Wes Jones

I had the unique opportunity to interview the mysterious singer and songwriter Daniel Leopold from Leopold and His Fiction. Originating out of Austin Leopold and His Fiction have paved their own road in the music industry. Unlike the majority of other bands, Leopold and His Fiction stand out by writing songs from the heart.  Interviewing Daniel gave me a glimpse on how their newly released album Darling Destroyer was conceived and the surprising influence behind it.

Daniel LeopoldThere was a big gap between your album 3 and Darling Destroyer. What was your inspiration behind Darling Destroyer?

“You know I really wanted to take my time with this album. I had just moved to Texas so I hadn’t really planned on writing a new album it all sort of just happened. It was kind of a big move. With the changes of moving to Texas and having a daughter it all sort of happened at once. With all of these changes the album sort of presented itself.”

You mentioned that you are now a father did this influence you on writing Darling Destroyer

“Oh Yeah, definitely the whole album was influenced by my daughter.”

Are their any specific songs off of Darling Destroyer that are dedicated to your daughter?

“Yeah, I wrote Golden Waves and Who am I for my daughter.”

You have been touring since early January. How has it been?

“We have been on tour since January 17 and its been a long one. We have been in a different city every night and it has been really great.  The majority of the shows have been really awesome a few of them not so awesome but they all wash out.”

Where would you say has been your favorite place you have performed at?

“On this tour I would say Washington D.C and New York. We also really like going to Utah for our days off to have some fun.”

You all originated in Austin did the music scene of the city inspire you all in any way?

“You know we don’t spend a lot of time there. However, when we are in Austin it allows us to work at a certain pace specific to the city. I lived in Detroit for ten years and lived in San Francisco for 10 years so it definitely is a different type of lifestyle. When we are in Austin it brings us a different type of inspiration.”


You can catch Leopold and His Fiction at House of Rock on Thursday April 27th. Tickets can be purchased at House of Rock, our online box office and at Disc Go Round on McArdle. Doors for the concert will open at 8pm the day of the show.