Ty Dietz and CC Fridays

TyDietz Ty Dietz just waits for the creative muse to strike. Over the years the South Texas storyteller¬†has written more than 200 songs. Check out some of his best on Thursday at House of Rock. Doors are at 9 p.m. “Usually all my songs come out all at once. They come out quick. And if I think on them too much, I pick them to death and I’ll end up not messing with them,” he recently told The Bend magazine. He credits his father with turning him onto some of biggest influences. From there, he dug even deeper. “When I researched where some of those old songs came from I found the troubadours, and I really got into that; the whole singer-songwriter, Texas thing. From there, it kind of just evolved into digging deeper into the artists themselves. Later this year, Dietz intends to record and unleash a new batch of original songs.

Ch5eNNCVAAEooa9CC Fridays, a traveling celebration of the local hip-hop scene, stops by House of Rock on Friday. Featured performers are Jyde, Wes/Denzel, Meta and Fam. The showcase, which takes place the first and third Fridays of each month also signups for spots to perform. Doors are at 9:30.