TROPICOSO, Sick Puppies and More!

Dallas post-hardcore group The News Can Wait stops by House of Rock on Thursday. They’ll be joined by Locket and Ghost Aftermath. Doors are at 8:30 p.m. Founded by guitarist Marcus Lopez, the Dallas band bears a sound not unlike another legendary Texas act: At The Drive-In. “I’d like to think that our goal is to bring the art back into punk rock, while keeping a powerful voice of self-liberation,” explains Lopez, who held the band together through various lineup changes, transitioning from playing friends’ parties in middle school to clubs around the Lone Star State. The group released “Hands” in 2015, following up 2013’s “Cloud Factory.”
Tropicoso web

El Dusty presents TROPICOSO! — a tropical vibes cumbia dance party with Veronique y The Puro Party Band, Carlton Zeus, Colour Red and Carne Asada on Saturday at House of Rock. Doors are at 7 p.m. Raised and rooted in Corpus Christi, producer, DJ, and nu-cumbia pioneer El Dusty translates the Southern Texas border experience into new barrio anthems where the MPC2000 sampler and chopped clips of Latin music history collide. He released his “Trapanera” EP in 2015, the first of his collaborative projects since signing with Universal Records, new division AfterCluv, showcasing a turntablist tradition that links Latin classics with the new generation of bass-heavy soundsystem and hip-hop cultures. “Trapan era” EP is a true showcasing of El Dusty’s bi-cultural border identity and the cumbia crunk movement that he’s found a home in.

Australian-born hard rock group Sick Puppies begin a new tour and a new course in their music with a stop Sunday at House of Rock. They’ll be joined by Stitched Up Heart, Seldom and Hudson. Doors are at 6 p.m. The alternative/hard rock trio began in 1997 in Australia but when the group’s fourth album, “Fury,” comes out Friday it will be without founding lead singer Shimon Moore. In fall 2014, Emma Anzai (bass, vocals) and Mark Goodwin (drums) parted ways with their guitarist and vocalist. With stints in several bands under his belt, Texas-born singer and guitarist Bryan Scott reached out to Emma via Facebook within days of the announcement. He sent her a video of himself performing, and she swiftly replied. “Both Mark and I knew he was the guy right away. He was cool and he sounded great. It was a natural progression. We were totally on to something” Emma said.