Punk, Hardcore, Primus Tribute & more!

DOUBLE TROUBLE WEBHorror-punk masters The Independents offer a scary good time Thursday at House of Rock. They’ll be joined by co-tour headliners Black Cat Attack and The Johnny Five. Doors are at 8 p.m. The recipe: one part Ramones, one part punk, one part ska and a whole lot of Elvis. Formed in early 1992 by Evil Presly and Willy B, The Independents were born out of the frustration of music being stereotyped and just plain boring. Willy B and Evil both loved all types of music, from Conway Twitty to Iron Maiden, the Ramones to Etta James, and The Specials to The Ohio Players. Both loved horror and sci-fi movies and wanted to find some way to include it in their music. Evil started writing lyrics that told horror tales while Willy B kept the guitar in one hand and gave the entire world the finger with the other. Their only goal is playing the music they want, when, where and how they want. The group’s latest release is the 2014 album, “Into the Light.”

Lord of WarLord of War launched to success with its own genre — space metal — and brings it Friday to House of Rock. They’ll be joined by WRVTH, Mask of Morana, Wrath Upon the Sky and Desecrated Remains. Doors are at 5 p.m. The San Diego group has been inflicting its space metal — a blend of atmospheric, melodic death metal — on the world since 2011. The group draws inspiration from all across the world’s extreme metal spectrum, bringing a perfect balance of engaging technicality, relentless brutality and deadly precision. The band’s debut release is 2012’s “Celestial Pestilence.”

In a separate show Friday, Poetry & Prose (a tribute to Primus) returns to House of Rock with Corpus Christi’s own Rated R (a tribute to Queens of the Stone Age) and Rusty Skillet. Doors are at 10 p.m.

Echo is featured Saturday at Damon’s Birthday Show at House of Rock. Doors are at 9:30 p.m. The Corpus Christi group’s jam/funk/blues-laden rock is heavily psychedelic, and in their words, super trippy crazy. Influences include Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Tool.